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Frequently Asked Questions

(Q.) Discards? - if you lose all your gear due to bad weather etc, can you chose what order you discard, as this may be relevant if someone else wants the top card?
(A.) Absolutely, the person who is caught with a Surprise Card that results in that player having to return gear back to the Discard Pile can choose which card sits uppermost. If it is competitive individual play i.e. one table where every one is competing against each other, then the player who picked up the Surprise Card will no doubt place the Surprise Card uppermost on the Discard Pile thereby not allowing the next player to pick up equipment in their turn.

(Q.) Choosing to pull up your rods and stop fishing? - I don’t understand why you would do this or what benefit it would be. Clarification please.
(A.) In a long play game where the game can go on for some time you will find that some people like to stop fishing and just look at what is going on. Scout the scene and have a think about their strategy, take a break without the other players having to stop.

(Q.) If you pull up all your rods etc (because you don’t have any, or any suitable combo), are you automatically missing turns, or should you leave at least a rod (or something) out if you want to be able to keep picking up cards (which you will need to do, to get the cards you need). and if you have to have something out to be able to keep playing, then I assume you can just leave a rod out with no hook, bait etc?
(A.) To miss turns you have to announce to the other players you are pulling out partially or completely from the game, go to Game Play Step 1 C. Regarding leaving out equipment to continue your turn see Game Play Step 2 first paragraph i.e. “A player can now choose a card, even if they are short of equipment or bait, from the following locations:” Please note it would not be wise to leave in the Play Location any equipment out if you are not fishing because if you pick up an unfavourable Surprise Card you could loose it all to the discard pile.

(Q.) Nets and Lobsters? - can you catch multiple lobsters etc with the one pot?
(A.) Correct, once you have a Lobster Pot or Net then they are yours until you have the misfortune of loosing them to a Surprise Card. Remember you can pull your Net or Lobster Pot in and put it in the Spare Equipment Holder and then your respective catches are safe.

(Q.) Fish Finder card? - can you re-arrange your rods etc between picking up each card (not obviously allowing you to catch the fish you just picked up, but for the next pickup, say if you just got a bait that you want to put out)?
(A.) Good question: When you play the Fish Finder Card you can turn over the five consecutive cards but we would follow the rule in Game Play Step 1 A and B where it says you can change as many times as you like your combinations etc until you start Step 2. In this case Step 2 will be the action of playing your Fish Finder and so all equipment changes are frozen once the Fish Finder is played for that turn.

(Q.) Can Tacklebox be played family against family?
(A.) Yes it can. We have some exciting ideas for Teams/Families playing against each other. This will be posted shortly on our web site.

(Q.) How many times and when can you change you Rod, Line, Hook and Bait combinations?
(A.) You can change your Rod, Line, Hook and Bait/Lure combinations at any time during the game and as many time as you like prior to you picking up card from the Card deck, Discard Pile or the Sea of Fish.

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