Tacklebox, You'll be hooked. Genesis Family Today Entertainment

Genesis Family Today Entertainment

Genesis Family Today is a company committed to providing today’s families with fun, educational games and life skills that will build and strengthen family life. Our vision is to develop products that enhance family well being and family relationships so that they may develop skills to live in today’s age and time to come.

Genesis Family Today stands for highly creative products focused on:

  • Fostering inter-personal skills
  • Life principles
  • Money management
  • Family fun
  • Relationships
  • Power of the family
  • Dignity of the individual
  • Basic skills for children that prepare them for employment

Genesis Family Today is a New Zealand company committed to selling its ideas to the world.

The people behind Genesis Family Today Entertainment

Genesis Family Today was started by Mark and Elizabeth Stolten in 2004 in order to accomplish this vision. Mark has always had a passion for creating compelling games while having a very accomplished design background in Mechatronic Engineering. He has significant qualifications in mechanical, electrical and electronic engineering as well as an MBA. These qualifications have served him well in creating the wonderful products that Genesis Family Today Entertainment are now very pleased to offer you, the first of which is Tacklebox®. It gives us great excitement to see family's sit down and play together and enjoy each other's company, so essential in today's fast paced world. Mark and Elizabeth have four children, James, Hannah, Dominic and Christian.

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