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"Tacklebox!  What a game.  It’s just as much fun and as challenging as being out there. You need a few clues, you need cunning and you need a bit of luck.  It’s got all the excitement of the unknown that happens out there when you’re fishing – except you’re warm and dry at home.  A great game for all the family, particularly Dads and lads who are into fishing.  And even if you’re not, it’s still a good, challenging game.  I highly recommend it to anyone into fishing – or not , for that matter.  Good luck – you’ll need it!'.

Bill Hohepa


“Taking Tacklebox to camp resulted in a huddle of boys on the floor around the game during free time. There was much conversation, sometimes debate, whooping, exclamations, and laughter. The boys often played in pairs as the experienced fisherman taught the newcomer the tricks. They took to Tacklebox like a fish to water (sorry!) delighting in showing the adults how to play. The lunch queue was ignored until it was short enough that the boys could quickly collect their food, eat, and return to their fishing spot. Tacklebox was a hit and is in demand for further get togethers.”

Dellwyn Bell


"I like Tacklebox because its really fun and challenging and I catch lots of fish."

Jordan - 8 years

"I like Tacklebox beacuse I can catch fish and you have to watch out for the shark attack!"

Brad - 6 years

"I enjoy fishing - this is a fun game to play with my kids and enjoy fishing together.  Its easily adaptable to play with young children and adults so suits all our family. My kids get to learn about the native fish of New Zealand while we spend time together as a family."


The Elliott Family

"Tacklebox is a cool game that includes strategy, tactics, and fishing. It has mean as pictures of fish with evil Bad Weathers. Another great thing about Tacklebox is that it has three different ways to play so if you feel like a change just pick another way to play. It is compact and easy to take with you wherever you go. It is an awesome alternative to the real thing. If you can't get a boat, get Tacklebox."

Andrew Sporle

13 years

Still love the game, have just been playing it for last 2 hours. Must go as it is approaching low tide - time for hubby to get some paua

Lyn Howes

TackleboxTM World Record Holders

World Record Holders

The Wyatt family currently hold the World Record in playing the fastest game of Tacklebox i.e. 7 minutes 34 seconds in a group play option 3 (fishing all the fish out of the sea).

The last record holders were Shine TV at 13 minutes 24 seconds.

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Animated Fish
Tacklebox Reef Picture